Plasctic Jerry Can

Plasctic jerry can

This Plastic Jerry Can is designed with a comfortable shaped handle and thick plastic material for maximum strength and durability. It comes with a release valve to enable smooth pouring, a bendable plastic spout and a screw top to lock in place.


iron jerry can

Iron Jerry Can is perfect for transferring, storing and dispensing oil based liquids when you are on the road, camping . With the bayonet closure which seals the lid tightly, you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks. And the latch is fixed with a locking pin to effectively prevent accidental opening while you’re on the road. Also, the quick release latch of the lid makes it easy to open the can in case of emergency. Each can has a vent hole inside that allows you to empty the can quickly. The opening can also match perfectly with the flexible or fixed nozzle, which easily locks onto the can.

Stainless Jerry Can

stainless jerry can

Stainless Steel Gas Can is made of 304 stainless steel, anti-rust, anti falling paint & weather resistance. Compared with plastic, stainless steel gas tank won’t shrink or expand in winter or summer, much safer and longer life. The built-in tubing can be put directly into the can, no need to worry about losing. The external tubing is convenient for liquid transportation. Double use, more convenient.The filter type oil guide tube can be built-in or external.