The Nitrocharger shock absorber series utilizes significant advancements in key components and the latest valve technology to greatly improve ride, comfort and handling on all terrains.Nitrocharger shock absorbers provide the most cohesive, balanced and fine-tuned valve system on the market.


Unity 4X4 conduct high-quality analysis and pay more attention to the roughness of the shock absorber. The hydraulic suspension system uses four independent dampers with hydraulic fluid. One of the biggest advantages of a hydraulic suspension for your vehicle is that it can produce a firmer ride. Hydraulics are also very responsive and can react quicker than most other suspension systems.

Lift kits

Lovells supply springs and suspension components designed and built to withstand extreme operating conditions, including super high temperatures.

The materials (including stainless steel) and coating systems Lovells use to withstand mild acid immersion in coal and gold processing equipment, while ensuring extreme fatigue-resistant products.